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Ahono Tumaini School

This preschool in Ahono, Kenya was started and is overseen by the elders of the Ahono Church of Christ.  Beginning in May of 2011 with 20 students,  they now average over 400 students per day and teach children up to the fifth grade.  The school is recognized and registered by the Kenyan government.  The purpose of the school is to instill Biblical teaching and principles in the youth of Ahono, Kenya and to serve as an evangelistic outreach of the Ahono Church of Christ. 


  Test scores are proving to be better than the public schools.


It is their goal to to include all grades up through high school.  


A private donation enabled a kitchen to be built in June 2015.


Classrooms were constructed for 6th and 7th grades in 2017.

An additional parcel of land was able to be purchased for the school in August 2014.

 Classrooms for 6th and 7th grades were constructed in early2017.

The next two classrooms will be built above the 6th and 7th grade classrooms.

In February 2017, Richard Renfro from Mission Printing met with area evangelists to discuss having a shipping container filled with printed tracts shipped to Ahono.

A second story was completed at the Ahono Tumaini School in 2021.  This provides classrooms through grade 12. 

   A third story is under roof, waiting to be completed.  This will serve as a lecture hall.

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