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Kenya School of Preaching

The Kenya School of Preaching, located in Kisumu, Kenya began in October 2013 with 20 students.  This 24 month full time preacher training program is an extension of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, Colorado.  It is overseen by the Charlotte Avenue Church of Christ in Rock Hill, South Carolina.


Charles Ogutu serves as the director, Elias Omallo is the academic dean and Dr. Michael P. Reese of Mannington, WV serves as the coordinator.

We are not in the business of pleasing the students, but we stress hard work and are very keen on good grades (no room for joy riders), it is quality learning."  Charles Ogutu, Director of KSOP

First graduating class

The first graduating class of KSOP received

their diplomas on August 23, 2014.  Thirteen students were graduated.


20 students were accepted into the second class.

Second graduating class

 Nineteen graduated on August 21, 2016.  Thirteen graduates recieved their Bachelor of biblical Studies degree. Six men received their Certificate for completing the program.

KSOP Third Class of students.

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