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The Kenya Christian Youth Camp began in August of 2011 with 203 campers.  In 2012 over 250 campers participated. By August 2013 the camp had grown to over 300. Ages of campers range from 10 - 20 years old.  In conjunction with the camp, a leadership seminar is held each year for the adults in the area. In July 2015, 450 campers attended. Fifty three were baptized.


Co-directors of the Kenya Christian Youth Camp are Dr. Michael P. Reese and David Wasonga, evangelist at the Ahono Church of Christ.


Kenya Christian Youth Camp

One local congregation credited the camp and the school of preaching for bringing their congregation back to life.

Thank the Lord for this blessing.  Over 300 were in attendance at camp in August 2014.  The camp has grown to 450 campers in 2015.  512 campers attended in 2016.


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