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Clothing room and give away

The concept of the clothing room began about 30 years ago by some ladies of the congregation who were loosing weight together. They found themselves changing clothing sizes and solved the problem by exchanging clothes with each other. The practice caught on and continued even after the ladies stopped meeting together.  Everyone likes to have more or different clothes and nearly everyone has clothing they don't need anymore.


The clothing room is a place were members of the congregation can bring their unwanted clothing to be sorted.  Anyone can come into the clothing room and take what they need.


Once a month all of the donated clothing is displayed in the fellowship room and the community is invited to come and take what they can use.  If a family in the community loses their possesions to a fire, a special announcement can be made to the congregation and if anyone has clothing in the needed sizes they will be brought to the clothing room and distributed to the family.


Jesus said if we give anyone clothing who needs it we are helping Him.


You can help by:

Donating your unwanted clothing

Sorting and hanging up donated clothing

Displaying clothing for the give away

Cleaning up after the give away



If you want to help or have any questions see Bob Fletcher.









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